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Moisés Pinedo

Moises Pinedo is a graduate of the Bible School of the Americas in Panama. He is a native of Peru, and preached the Gospel in Central and South America from 1997-2004. Moises, his wife, Kimberly, and their daughter, Melanie, live in Montgomery, Alabama where he currently works in the Foreign Language Department at Apologetics Press. He frequently preaches and teaches, and is available for both English and Spanish speaking engagements. [view speaking schedule]

Recent Articles by Moisés Pinedo

Illegal Immigration: A Study of Hispanic Ministries in the United States and the Responsibility of Christians to Government
by Moises Pinedo

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by Moisés Pinedo

Who Should be Baptized?
by Moisés Pinedo

Infant Baptism
by Moisés Pinedo

Are Children Born With Sin?
by Moisés Pinedo

The Meaning of Baptism and the Catholic Ritual
by Moisés Pinedo

The Assumption of Mary
by Moisés Pinedo

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