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Apologetics Press :: Research Articles

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In addition to our two monthly journals, books, tracts, article reprints, video tapes, audio tapes, and other items, Apologetics Press also has produced a number of research articles by different authors on a variety of topics. In the past, these Research Articles have been available only by purchasing them through our annual catalog. Effective January 2004, however, we decided to make them available completely free of charge by placing them in this section of our Web site, in order to make them more accessible (and at no cost).

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The Battle Over Genesis—From Without and Within Bert Thompson
The Bible and the Genesis Account of Creation Wayne Jackson
The Biblical Doctrine of Predestination, Foreordination, and Election F. Furman Kearley
Biological Evolution Bert Thompson
The Book Of Mormon: A Book of Mistakes, Error, and Fraud Jon Gary Williams
The Christian’s Response to Humanism Bert Thompson
Christianity and Humanism Bert Thompson
The Church of the Triumphant Christ Bert Thompson
Compromises of Genesis Bert Thompson
The Conditional Nature of Prophecy: A Vital Exegetical and Hermeneutical Principle F. Furman Kearley
The Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God W.D. Jeffcoat
A Critical Analysis of Values Clarification David L. Lipe
Daniel’s Prophecy of the “Seventy Weeks” Wayne Jackson
The Effect of Evolution on Modern Behavior F. Furman Kearley
The Effect of Situation Ethics upon Moral Values Bert Thompson
Evolution as a Threat to the Christian Home Bert Thompson
Evolution—Fact or Theory? Wayne Jackson
An Examination of Alleged Contradictions in the Gospels F. Furman Kearley
Faith and Knowledge David L. Lipe
False Doctrines about Human Conduct Wayne Jackson
The First Man...Adam Bert Thompson
The Foundations of Morality David L. Lipe
The Impact of Evolutionary Philosophy on Society Roger E. Dickson
Issues in Evolution Bert Thompson
The Linguistic Argument for the Date of Daniel W.D. Jeffcoat
The Meaning Of “Sons Of God” In Genesis 6:1-4 Trevor Major
The Middle East Crisis in Biblical Perspective F. Furman Kearley
The Mythology of Science: Spontaneous Generation Bert Thompson
Neo-Darwinism: A Look at the Alleged Genetic Mechanism of Evolution Bert Thompson
The Problem of Evil and Human Suffering Edward P. Myers
The Problem of Evil, Pain, and Suffering David L. Lipe
The Problem of Knowledge David L. Lipe
Prophecy as a Proof of the Inspiration of the Bible: The Witness of the Prophets Concerning Jacob and Esau F. Furman Kearley
The Ras Shamra Discovery Wayne Jackson
A Study of the Providence of God Wayne Jackson
Teaching Young People Christian Evidences Bert Thompson
Theistic Evolution—Curse of the Church Bert Thompson
Things not Done in a Corner: A Survey of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ Mark K. Lewis
We Would See Jesus as Seen in the Psalms F. Furman Kearley
Which Books Belong in the Bible? F. Furman Kearley

Displaying items 1-40 of 40
Sort by: Title | Author

Displaying 25 | 50 | 100 items

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