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We are encouraged by these kind thoughts and wish to share them with our readers. Please give us your Feedback! Also, please make sure to include your city and state (or country, if outside the US) with your message.

I just wanted to let Dr. Dave Miller know I loved his readers. They are great. Also, the last Discovery on Job was awesome you are doing a fantastic job. I have all my Discovery magazines I have been getting since 1999 or 2000 and they just keep getting better. You are brilliant!

           —Denise, Green Cove Springs, FL

I just want to express a very hearty thank you for your seminars in Islam. I thought they were tremendously helpful in my study of Islam, helping me to…teach the Gospel to these folks.

           —Shane, McMinnville, TN

I am writing a paper on Matthew Fontaine Maury and have found your page quite valuable in understanding him.

           —Matt, Lincoln, NE

Your seminar The Silencing of God: Dismantling Our Christian Heritage had an enormous impact on me. I bought the CDs also and listened to them a number of times since then. Your information put a fire in me to learn more about these issues. For the past 8-10 months, I have studied almost non-stop about the concerns you brought up...The battle for this world may be a losing battle, but as Christians, if we concern ourselves with staying on track, and helping others to find the track too, we can make all the difference spiritually, where it all counts anyway.... For my part, I am going to concentrate on becoming mature in Christ.

           —Chris, Olympia, WA

I appreciate very much the materials that AP continues to produce and publish. Three years ago, I began studying with a young woman.... She was as close to an agnostic as I have ever experienced personally. She had been swayed by the many multi-million dollar programs that media uses to promote evolution and attack the Bible. I used AP's tracts to dismantle her convictions and build faith in the Bible and its doctrines. She obeyed the gospel after almost a year and half of studying. We also use AP materials in the home. My four-year-old loves Does God Love Michael's Two Daddies? by Mrs. Sheila Butt. In fact, it's her favorite book! For several months, I couldn't read anything else at our bedtime routine. To prepare for a recent 12-day mission trip, I recorded myself reading the book so that she would have my voice and her favorite book. We are thankful for the many other books for preschoolers made available by the capable AP staff. Thank you!

           —David, Andalusia, AL

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