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We are encouraged by these kind thoughts and wish to share them with our readers. Please give us your Feedback! Also, please make sure to include your city and state (or country, if outside the US) with your message.

Thank you for allowing us the privilege of sharing God's creation through the AP books.... They brought a lot of smiles to many children.... I shared with a little six-year-old girl named “Sassi” your publication on the book of Job. I marveled at her reading skills and delighted in the time we spent together, reading your book. Thank you for the work you do for the Lord.

           —Lisa, Prattville, AL

Please pass on my compliments and thanks to Dr. Brad Harrub for his excellent article on organ donation and transplantation. As a kidney/pancreas organ recipient...I found Dr. Harrub’s article to be informative, balanced, and edifying.

           —Rich, Poplar Grove, IL

I just wanted to drop you a short note on your feature article in the August 2004 Reason & Revelation. I was thoroughly impressed! You do such great work. The depth of this material is something very useful in dealing with the gradual gaining of ground by the homosexual movement toward acceptance in our culture. It is a blessing to have brethren like yourselves who have dedicated their lives and degrees to help the church deal with a wide array of issues from a scientific and biblical standpoint. God's speed to you and may the cause of Christ be furthered by your diligent efforts. Thanks for the “ammunition.”

           —Mike, Moorhead, MN

A.P. has such a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for all the work A.P. does…. May God bless you in all your work.

           —Pam, Prattville, AL

This week I watched the 5-part DVD series on The Silencing of God. That material is sobering, uplifting and discouraging. I believe the public school system cheated me in the selective history that was taught. After watching it, you feel you are living at the end of a great thing, or, perhaps, the beginning of a very bad thing....You did a masterful job.

           —Weylan, Fort Worth, TX

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