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Introducing Our New General Manager--Tommy Hatfield
by Bert Thompson, Ph.D.

In my “Note from the Editor” in the January issue of Reason & Revelation, I mentioned to you that this year—2004—represents our twenty-fifth anniversary. From its inception in 1979 to this very day, I have been quietly positioning Apologetics Press to do exactly what it was designed a quarter of a century ago to do—produce biblically sound, scientifically accurate, affordable materials, while simultaneously serving as a “clearinghouse” to anyone and everyone who needs answers to questions that are vital to building, sustaining, and defending a biblically based faith.

Across that quarter of a century, the work has experienced a growth that is as incredible as it is exciting. From a seemingly insignificant beginning with a staff of two, it has emerged into a major force in Apologetics that is recognized around the globe. And that tiny staff of two has morphed into a staff of twelve.

Tommy HatfieldNo, make that thirteen. It is with a great deal of pleasure and pride that I announce the addition to my staff of the young man who has accepted my offer to serve as our new general manager, Tommy Hatfield. In 1998, I hired Jim Estabrook to fill this same position. And he has done so with great distinction—so much so that as of this month, I have promoted him to the new position of Production Administrator. In his new assignment, Jim will be in charge of our entire in-house computer/information technology system (which is state-of-the-art, extensive, and complex, and includes all of our wireless and T-1 Internet technology). In addition, he will be fully responsible for all of our typesetting operations, and will work side by side with Charles McCown to produce all of our written, audio, and video materials. [Charles also has been promoted as of this month to the position of Production Administrator, which will place him in charge of: (a) our entire graphics design department (including both a scientific illustrator and a graphics design artist): (b) the production and publication of all A.P. journals, books, and other publications; and (c) the maintenance of our various Web sites.]

Tommy (who has completed two years toward his baccalaureate degree in math at Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama) is an incredibly ingenious, resourceful, and talented young man, and is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Give him an assignment, then turn him loose. An hour or so later (or less!), and it’s completed—to perfection! [And this is the rule, not the exception.]

I had known Tommy personally for quite some time, and had seen his character shine through on numerous occasions. So when it came time for me to hire someone to replace Jim as general manager (after his promotion), the choice was obvious. I needed someone who is a dedicated Christian, honest, articulate, self-motivated, and diligent to a fault. In Tommy, I got all of this—and much, much more. He already has endeared himself to each member of my staff, not just by his actions, but by his attitude. He has an extraordinarily keen intellect, a terrific sense of humor, and an amazing work ethic that is one of the most exceptional I’ve ever seen in someone his age. [He’s 22, by the way, and on June 21, 2003, married his high school sweetheart, Carol Leah Kelly—whose family I’ve known for more than a decade and a half .]

Tommy and Carol Leah are now a full-fledged part of what we routinely refer to as the “A.P. Family,” and all of us at Apologetics Press are extremely proud to have them in our midst as our coworkers. I invite you to join us in welcoming them.

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