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Announcing A New Book for Young People: Out With Doubt
by Bert Thompson, Ph.D.

Doubt represents a real and present threat to a Christian’s faith. Consider the apostle Peter. When Jesus invited him to step out of the boat and walk on the water of the Sea of Galilee, (Matthew 14:28-33), the apostle began that walk with bold determination. But when he glanced away and saw the treacherous wind and waves licking at his heels, he doubted—and lost his faith in the divine power that had borne him across the water to that point. As he drew near the boat—having been saved by the hand of the Master—he was admonished by his Lord with these words: “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” (14:31).

Throughout the Bible, doubt generally is mentioned in negative terms. For example, it is something we are to avoid in prayer (James 1:6). Jesus reminded His followers that they could move mountains if only they would believe, and not doubt (Matthew 21:21-22; Mark 11:23-24). Paul advised the Roman Christians that they stood condemned if they doubted the propriety of eating food sacrificed to idols (14:23). The classic example, of course, is that of the apostle Thomas—“doubting Thomas,” as we so often call him. When Thomas doubted, Christ told him: “Be not faithless, but believing” (John 20:27).

Doubt, left unresolved, can cause serious problems for a Christian—especially a young Christian. God holds each of us responsible—individually—for addressing the cause of our doubt, and for seeking a remedy so that doubt does not prevent us from doing what faith requires. If we do not know whether God answers prayers, for example, then how can we honestly go to God in prayer? If we eat meat sacrificed to idols (or the modern-day equivalent), and yet we are not sure that this is something we can do, then how can we have a good conscience before God? In the end, doubt can be extremely detrimental to faith.

This is especially true for young people today, who are exposed to atheism, agnosticism, evolution, situation ethics, and numerous other false concepts at an almost non-stop pace. Our children and grandchildren need to be exposed to, and understand, the vast amount of irrefutable evidence upon which biblical faith is based. They need to know that biblical faith is not a “leap into the dark,” but is gleaned through testimony based upon reliable evidence. They need to know that Christianity is not a “pie-in-the-sky-by-and-by” type of belief, but rather a commitment rooted in historical fact. And when Satan tempts them to doubt the faith they are beginning to grow for themselves, they need to be able to say “Out with doubt!”—and mean it.

Out With DoubtIn his new book, Out With Doubt, Kyle Butt, the Director of Biblical Research at Apologetics Press, has provided a means by which they can do exactly that. Written in a vocabulary and style aimed specifically at junior high and high school students, this 150-page volume examines the existence of God, the composition, uniqueness, and inspiration of the Bible, the creation/evolution controversy (including chapters on dinosaurs and the age of the Earth), miracles, the historicity and deity of Christ, and the resurrection. In an extremely well-written “Afterword,” Kyle talks plainly to young people about what they must do to be saved.

The book has 13 lessons, which makes it perfect for use in quarterly Bible class situations (for which it was designed). It also would work well in a summer camp setting. Each lesson contains discussion questions that teachers can use to help students grasp the concepts being presented. Cost per book is only $7.95 ($1.45 s/h). Why not order one today for the teenager(s) in your life? They will thank you, I have no doubt.

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