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Announcing: The New A.P. Intermediate Christian Evidences Correspondence Course
by Bert Thompson, Ph.D.

In my “Note from the Editor” in the March 2001 issue of Reason & Revelation, I announced the availability of the first series (in a planned set of three) of our brand new Christian Evidences Correspondence Course. The initial (beginner’s) course has 10, 8-page lessons, each of which is printed in full color on enameled paper in a large, easy-to-read typestyle and contains professional artwork. We intentionally wrote each lesson in an everyday vocabulary that would be appealing to young people, as well as to those who are incarcerated. Each lesson was designed to stand on its own, and contains written exercises on a tear-out sheet so that students may hand (or mail) them in for grading. The sets are shrink-wrapped and contain a separate answer sheet for the teacher’s use. The 10 lessons in the first series cover the following topics: the faces of unbelief; the existence of God (three parts dealing with cause and effect, design, and morality); creation vs. evolution (two parts); a general introduction to the Bible; the inspiration of the Bible; what God expects of me (the Gospel plan of salvation); and the uniqueness and singularity of Christ’s church.

Intermediate Christian Evidences Correspondence CourseIn my March editor’s note, I also announced that we were working on a second, intermediate-level course that we planned to release later this year. Well, “later” has arrived! It is with a great deal of pleasure that I announce the availability, as of this month, of our new intermediate-level Christian Evidences Correspondence Course. The course is identical to the first one in layout (10 lessons, full-color, professional artwork, student exercise sheets, same typestyles, teacher’s answer sheet, etc.).

It is the content that is different. The course is designed for a student who already has completed the first course, or for someone who simply wants to pursue a somewhat more in-depth study. The 10 lessons in the series include discussions on: (1) Faith and Knowledge (two parts); (2) “In the Image and Likeness of God”; (3) Jesus Christ—Lord and Savior; (4) Satan—His Origin and Mission; (5) Evil, Pain, and Suffering; (6) The Origin of the Soul; (7) The Destiny of the Soul; (8) Creation and Evolution (two parts).

Kyle Butt (our Director of Biblical Research) and I co-authored the first series. Eric Lyons (our Director of Research) and I have co-authored the second series. Eric, like Kyle, did a splendid job on his part. I have no doubt whatsoever that this new series will have as big an impact as the first series did. [We printed 6,500 sets of the first series. As I write this note, our printer is having to reprint the entire series because we have sold out of it—a sales rate of approximately 1,000 sets/month (something to which my secretaries can attest, I assure you!).] We are grateful for, and humbled by, the incredible reception the first set has received.

Dr. Brad Harrub (our new Director of Scientific Information) and are I are working on the third and final set in the series. It will be an advanced-level course aimed at the student who has completed each of the other two sets, or who simply wants a much more intensive program of study in the fields of Christian apologetics and Christian evidences. Tentatively, we are planning to include in the third set lessons on such topics as alleged Bible contradictions and discrepancies, additional in-depth material on the creation/evolution controversy, the Christian’s response to medical ethics, and numerous others. It will be printed in the same full-color format and typestyles as the first two courses, and will come complete with its own set of student exercise sheets, teacher answer sheet, etc. We hope to have the third set in print sometime shortly after the first of the year (possibly as early as March or April, 2002).

Once again, as with all of our products, we have done everything possible to make the new intermediate-level Christian Evidences Correspondence Course as professional, yet as affordable, as possible. Cost for the set of 10 lessons is still just $4.00 ($3.50 each in quantities of 25 or more). Individual lessons are available for 40˘ each in quantities of 24 or less (35˘ each in quantities of 25 or more). To order, simply call us toll free at 800/234-8558.

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