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Building and Defending Faith—Valuable Tools from Apologetics Press
by Bert Thompson, Ph.D.

Many of our readers have a more-than-average interest in products that can be used to build and defend faith in God, His Word, and His Son. From time to time, therefore, I like to mention in my “Note from the Editor” publications from Apologetics Press that are tools meant specifically for building and defending faith.

Several months ago, for example, we announced our intention to produce a trilogy of books under the general title of Rock-Solid Faith. The first volume in the series, Rock-Solid Faith: How to Build It, is available now, and has become one of the best-selling books we’ve ever published. [We printed an initial press run of 5,000 copies, and now have less than 500 left.] The book is designed to provide the initial evidence upon which Christianity rests, and to help a person build a faith exactly like the faith Jesus described the “wise man” as having built in Matthew 7:25. In its 350 pages, Rock-Solid Faith: How to Build It contains four chapters investigating the many faces and causes of unbelief, three chapters on the cosmological, teleological, and moral arguments for God’s existence, two chapters devoted to the compilation, content, and inspiration of the Bible, and four chapters dealing with the deity of Christ, God’s plan for man’s salvation, the essentiality, singularity, and uniqueness of Christ’s church, and the mercy and grace of God. [Volume two in the trilogy, Rock-Solid Faith: How to Sustain It, is being typeset and should be available shortly after the first of the year. We hope to have volume three, Rock-Solid Faith: How to Defend It, ready by late 2002.]

Rock-Solid Faith: How to Build It sells for only $10/copy ($2 s/h), with a 15% discount for 10 or more copies to a single address (15% s/h for multiple copies). We also have produced a 13-lesson video series that accompanies the book lesson by lesson. Each video presentation is approximately 38 minutes long, which makes the series perfect for use in Bible class situations. The tape set (which contains 5 VHS tapes) sells for $85 ($5 s/h).

Another one of our extremely popular offerings is the second edition of Creation Compromises. This new edition includes in its 430 pages discussions of such concepts as the Day-Age Theory, the Gap Theory, the historicity of Genesis 1-11, a refutation of the alleged factuality of evolution, etc. It also contains a comprehensive section on the Bible and the age of the Earth (including a discussion of some of the  “problem areas” in biblical chronology, such as the genealogies of Scripture), scientific information relating to the ages of the patriarchs, an examination of the maximum amount of time that Adam and Eve could have spent in the Garden of Eden, a refutation of the false idea that God’s Sabbath rest still is continuing until the present, and an investigation into whether animals and plants could have died on Earth prior to Man’s Fall.

The book, which contains painstaking research and in-depth documentation (including extensive bibliographic information on all sources quoted or referred to), also contains extensive Scripture, subject, and name indexes—which are invaluable aids to serious researchers or students.  The book is not written in a demeaning  ridiculing, or strident manner. Instead, its tone is calm and its logic is impeccable as it goes about presenting the truth on Creation in a positive yet uncompromising fashion.

Cost for the second edition of Creation Compromises is only $12 ($2 s/h). [Compare the costs of these two books—Rock-Solid Faith: How to Build It (350 pages at $10) and Creation Compromises (430 pages at $12—to the price of singular volumes of a similar length currently being offered by some other Christian authors for a whopping $24.95!] Both volumes would make extremely nice gifts for friends or invaluable additions to personal and church libraries. Phone 800/234-8558 for credit card orders, or order from our Web site at Call us if we can help.

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