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Announcing a New Book and DVD Set on the Quran
by Dave Miller and Brad Harrub

In last month’s “Note from the Editors,” we announced the release of A.P.’s latest contribution to the defense of the Christian Faith—The Anvil Rings (Volume 2). With this month’s issue of Reason and Revelation, we are extremely pleased to announce the release of yet another significant book—The Quran Unveiled. This volume constitutes A.P.’s first extensive venture into responding to the non-Christian world religions.

With the advent of 9/11, our world, and the way we view it, has been forever altered. As you well know, Islam has not only captured international attention, it is expanding its influence and making extensive encroachments into American culture. Over 1,200 mosques dot the American landscape—most built within the last two decades. Influential American authorities—from politicians to public school educators—are promulgating the equal acceptance and promotion of Islam in public life.

The fountain head of Islam is the Quran. Indeed, the authenticity of Islam rests on the credibility of the Quran. If the Quran is from God, it must possess the self-authenticating attributes and characteristics of divine inspiration. If it is not from God, though it may possess certain positive, even valuable, qualities, it must be rejected as disqualified to legislate human behavior in an absolute and ultimate sense. The primary purpose of The Quran Unveiled is to examine Islam’s holy book with a view toward ascertaining whether it is, in fact, of supernatural origin.

The Quran Unveiled represents the culmination of over two years of extensive research and meticulous examination of five separate English translations of the Quran. The result has been the firm realization that the Quran and the Bible stand in stark contradistinction to each other. Many people refuse to consider the beliefs of others, and simply cling to that to which their family and cultural environment exposed them. But in order to grasp the full extent of the chasm that exists between the Bible and the Quran, one should read both thoroughly. Muslims should read the Bible, and Christians should read the Quran. Doing so has caused the author to marvel at the disparity between the two.The Quran DVD

In the midst of this social scenario, Apologetics Press is surging forward to maintain its cutting edge articulation of New Testament truth to current culture. We suspect that you will agree that The Quran Unveiled is an impressive addition to the “A.P. arsenal” in our ongoing defense of the Christian Faith and our warfare against the forces of Satan. In this month’s edition of Resources (inside R&R), you’ll find an advertisement with order information regarding how to purchase a copy. Additionally, a DVD set of the Islam seminar conducted by Dave Miller is also available for $39.95 + shipping. We urge you to take advantage of these tools in your evangelistic efforts to point people to Jesus Christ.

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