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In the News: The World as it Used to be
by Brad Harrub, Ph.D.

Alfred Russel Wallace, a contemporary of Charles Darwin, once noted: “There is but one climate known to the ancient fossil world as revealed by the plants and animals entombed in the rocks, and the climate was a mantle of spring-like loveliness which seems to have prevailed over the whole globe” (1876, 1:277). Mr. Wallace had no idea just how right he was.

Creationists have long asserted that the planet on which we are now living was vastly different in the distant past. In fact, when God, in Genesis 1:31, pronounced the Creation as “very good,” it was a world that stood in stark contrast to the Earth today. When God used the Noahic flood to destroy the living creatures on the Earth, the “mantle of spring-like loveliness” was forever changed. Weather patterns changed, polar caps cropped up. And so on. In large part, the consequences of that devastating flood have brought about the climate we see around us today.

Interestingly, scientists have uncovered evidence which proves that this Earth once enjoyed a “mantle of spring-like loveliness.” Nature writer Quirin Schiermeier observed: “The Arctic Ocean used to be so warm it was practically Mediterranean, an international drilling team has found” (2004). Reporting on the discovery, Alex Kirby noted that fossilized algae in the ice cores “show the sea temperature was once about 20C [about 68F], instead of the average now, -1.5C.” This discovery correlates well with an announcement from the University of Colorado, explaining that scientists had discovered pine needles under more than 10,000 feet of ice in Greenland. Both discoveries show evidence of a rapid freeze and mass extinction.

Unfortunately, researchers have assigned evolutionary time spans to this discovery. In their haste to remain “politically correct,” they paint the entire discovery in terms of millions of years—never taking into account the global flood of Noah. With every new discovery, scientists continue to prove the authenticity of the Bible. Now, if they would only admit it.


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