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Introducing Our Second Spanish-Language Translator: Michael Cortez
by Bert Thompson, Ph.D.

In my “Note from the Editor” in the June issue of Reason & Revelation, I had the pleasure of introducing to you Moisés Pinedo, our first new Spanish-language translator. Several months prior to that, we intentionally had set in motion a series of events, the end result of which was designed to allow us to eventually bring on board as full-time staff members two extremely talented bi-lingual young men who could work with us to get all of our products—everything from correspondence courses, tracts, books, and audio/video items, to the entire content of our immensely popular Web site—translated into Spanish.

Our research had established that Spanish-speaking people represent the fastest-growing minority in the United States, and we therefore felt it was time for us to address what was rapidly becoming a pressing need. For more years than I care to remember, Christians in the Hispanic community—in this country and abroad—have asked us if we had anything available in Spanish, and we always have had to say, “no.” Now, with the addition of our two new translators, that is about to change—permanently!

Michael CortezIn this month’s “Note from the Editor,” it is my pleasure to introduce to you Michael Cortez, the second young man whom I have hired to assist us in translating all of our materials into Spanish. Michael, who is 24, holds a B.S. degree in Spanish from Valdosta (Georgia) State University. In addition, in June of this year he graduated from the Memphis School of Preaching. Unbeknownst to him, I had had my eye on Michael for quite some time. I knew of the work of his father, Lionel Cortez, who directs the Panama School of Preaching in Panama City, Panama, and I knew that Michael possessed immense talent—not just in the area of public speaking, but also in the area of Spanish. I had spoken to a number of people who knew Michael, and each of them gave him an unqualified recommendation.

Therefore, when the time was “just right” (about 3-4 months prior to his graduation in June—before anyone else discovered that he was available and could hire him), I wrote him a letter and invited him to come to Montgomery for a job interview. By the time that interview was over, I was convinced that Michael was the person we needed to serve as our second full-time Spanish translator. I offered him the job—and he accepted. He and his new wife Amelia joined us in early July, and Michael immediately began his translation work.

The first task I assigned him was to proofread all of the items that Moisés has spent the last three months translating into Spanish (specifically, our introductory-, intermediate-, and advanced-level Christian Evidences Correspondence Courses). As soon as Moisés and Michael complete the translation of these materials and several others (including the popular A.P. tract series), they will begin work on a complete Spanish-language mirror-image of our Web site (which received a quarter of a million page-hits this past March!).

We are extremely proud—and excited—to have Michael (and Moisés) as a part of our staff. Both of these young men are incredibly talented, and incredibly dedicated. Aside from being fluent in Spanish, they also are well trained in biblical issues (in addition to being terrific speakers). All of this has turned out to be an amazing combination for, and contribution to, our work! In so many ways, we have been doubly blessed by having them in our midst as a part of the ever-growing A.P. Family.

As I close I would like to mention the fact that both Moisés and Michael are available for speaking engagements at Spanish-speaking congregations of the churches of Christ. If they can be of service to you in any way, please call on them. They—as all of us at Apologetics Press—are here to serve.

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