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Announcing: "An Offer You Can't Refuse!"
by Bert Thompson, Ph.D.

In January of this year, we began volume twenty of Reason & Revelation, marking two decades of the journal’s continuous, uninterrupted publication. But that is only half of the story. The beginning of 2000 also marked the eleventh year of continuous, uninterrupted publication for Discovery, our magazine on Scripture and science for children. Both journals are singularly unique. R&R is the only full-color, monthly journal of its kind on Christian evidences for adults, and, similarly, Discovery is the only full-color, monthly journal of its kind on Christian evidences for children, published worldwide by the churches of Christ. There are—quite literally—no other publications like ours. We work very hard each month to make them scripturally sound, scientifically accurate, and thoroughly professional. And, truth be told, we are proud of the them, because they not only are attractive, but also contain the kind of essential information required by young and old alike to build, strengthen, and maintain biblical faith.

Over the past two years, we have made a concerted effort to increase the number of subscribers to both journals because we wanted even more adults and children to have access to the invaluable material they contain. In mid-1998, we were mailing about 4,000 issues of R&R each month; today we are mailing over 14,000! Similarly, in mid-1998 we were mailing about 4,000 copies of Discovery on a monthly basis; today we are mailing over 10,000! For one journal to double its subscription base in less than two years is practically unheard of. But for two to do so is—well—phenomenal! Naturally, we are pleased that so many people are receiving, and benefitting from, our publications.

However, it is not in our nature to “rest on our laurels.” There are many more (both adults and children) whom we believe could benefit tremendously from receiving a subscription to either R&R or Discovery (or both!). And that is why we would like to make you “an offer you can’t refuse.”

For every subscription to R&R you purchase, you get one free. And for every subscription to Discovery you purchase, you get one at half price. Here are the rules.

This offer is good only through July 31, 2000, and is limited to new subscriptions (you cannot renew at these rates) for a one-year period (no multiple-year subscriptions will be accepted). The offer applies only to individual (not club or bulk) subscriptions for people in the United States (no foreign addresses, including Canada). The offer does not apply to bound volumes from past years for either journal. Names and addresses must be mailed to us with payment by check or credit card (no phone/fax orders via our 800 numbers; no orders billed via invoice).

Simply send us the new subscribers’ names and addresses with payment, and we’ll do the rest. Each (except children) will receive a copy of our current catalog, along with a note acknowledging the person who provided the gift. Cost for a year’s subscription to R&R is only $8 (buy one at that price, get one free). Cost for Discovery is $12 (buy one at that price, get one at half price). There is no limit on the number of subscriptions you can purchase. We hope you will order several for friends, relatives, preachers, high school and college students, etc.

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