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A Sad, But Fond, “Farewell”
by Bert Thompson, Ph.D.

It was the summer of 1982. I had been invited to present a series of lectures on Christian evidences in New Zealand at six different cities over the course of a three-week period. The trip—with its excruciatingly heavy lecture and travel schedule (speak three nights, travel all the next day, speak three more nights, travel all the next day, etc.)—was one of the most physically draining of my entire professional career. But, in the end it also was one of the most beneficial turn of events in the entire history of our work at Apologetics Press. It was during that trip that I met a young, British Christian by the name of Trevor Major who was living in the city of Hamilton and attending the University of Waikato (one of two major universities at which I was speaking on the topic of origins). Trevor attended the lectures, and he and I immediately struck up a friendship. We continued to stay in touch over the next few years. Eventually, he graduated with both his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in geology.

In April 1986, at my invitation Trevor and his new wife, Chris (a native of New Zealand), moved to the United States to join us in the work here. Since that time, he has served faithfully in a number of capacities, including Director of Scientific Information (a post he held for more than fourteen years) and editor of Discovery, our monthly magazine on Scripture and science for children (a position he has held for the last four years).

Trevor MajorBut, as the old adage suggests, nothing lasts forever. Some time back, Trevor informed me that he had a burning desire to go back to graduate school in order to work on a Ph.D. in philosophy of science. Ultimately, he applied to several schools, and not long ago learned that he had been accepted into the graduate program at Ohio State University. After discussing the matter with his family (he and Chris have two sons, Michael, 10, and Nicholas, 8), he decided to accept Ohio State’s offer. And so, as of October 1—after more than fourteen years of faithful service at Apologetics Press—Trevor resigned his position with us and moved his family to Columbus, Ohio to begin his graduate work.

It goes without saying, of course, that we shall miss him terribly. Trevor truly is one of the smartest young men I know. He is a marvelously gifted writer, and an extremely effective teacher. His efforts on behalf of both Reason & Revelation (for which he served as associate editor) and Discovery have been both tireless and appreciated. His commitment to Truth, and to its dissemination in the most accurate manner possible via the pages of Reason & Revelation, have endeared him to our readers for almost fifteen years. His love of children, and his desire to teach them the Truth using the finest quality writings and illustrations through the pages of Discovery, have endeared him to thousands of youngsters over the past decade. In addition, during his tenure with us Trevor not only produced hundreds of articles, but also wrote a book—Genesis and the Origin of Coal and Oil (published by Apologetics Press)—that has been recommended and distributed widely by creationists around the globe.

Trevor has estimated that it should take him approximately five years to complete his doctoral program. Fortunately, he has agreed to continue to write for R&R (as his class schedule allows) during that period. I therefore am hopeful that we will be running additional articles from his powerful pen in the not-too-distant future. Prior to his departure, in fact, he authored the two-part series (surveying the intelligent design movement) that began last month and concludes with this issue.

The day he moved, Trevor handed me a nice letter in which he wished us well as the “new era” began at Apologetics Press in his absence. My staff and I would like to reciprocate, and wish him every success in his “new era.” As our long-time friend and coworker departs, we bid him a sad, but fond, “farewell.”

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