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"So You Believe in Intelligent Design--But Why?"
by Bert Thompson, Ph.D.

In this month’s issue of Reason & Revelation, Trevor Major, our Director of Scientific Information, has authored the first of a two-part series explaining and discussing one of the hottest topics going in the current controversy over creation and evolution—the intelligent design movement. It is a concept worth knowing about, because those involved in the movement are having a very real impact as a result of their emphasis on the idea that you do not get a poem without a poet, a law without a lawgiver, a painting without a painter, or design without a...designer.

This point has not been lost on evolutionists. In the preface to his 1986 book, The Blind Watchmaker, British evolutionist Richard Dawkins wrote: “The complexity of living organisms is matched by the elegant efficiency of their apparent design. If anyone doesn’t agree that this amount of complex design cries out for an explanation, I give up!” Dr. Dawkins then spent more than 300 pages struggling to provide an explanation that would convince people that design does not necessarily require a designer (or that the “apparent” design we see in nature is just that—apparent, not real). Impossible task, that. Why so? As another evolutionist, physicist Paul Ricci, put it: “It is true that everything designed has a designer.” In fact, Mr. Ricci called such a statement “analytically true”—meaning that it is so obvious as to require no formal proof.

Truth be told, those of us associated with the work of Apologetics Press have been stressing these two points for more than twenty years. The “apparent design” in nature does indeed “cry out for an explanation” because such design “has a designer.” When we began this work late in 1979, one of our goals was to make available biblically sound, scientifically accurate, affordable materials that would help people come to acknowledge such design—and get to know the Designer! To that end, in 1981 we began producing Reason & Revelation, which has been published without interruption ever since. Over the past two decades, we have authored hundreds of articles that document not only the design inherent in various aspects of the Universe, but also how to recognize the signature of God appended to each of these masterpieces.

Picture of Mary Ruth ThompsonMany of those articles still are available via bound volumes of Reason & Revelation. We recognized as we wrote the articles that many of them would have an appeal long after their original publication date. Topics include (but are not limited to) evolution versus God’s design, the evidence of the fossil record, the good science of creationism, molecular/genetic studies of humans, the origin of races, and many others.

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