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Announcing: The New Rock-Solid Faith: How to Build It Video Series
by Bert Thompson, Ph.D.

In my April “Note from the Editor,” I announced the availability of our new book, Rock-Solid Faith: How to Build It, which replaces our 1992 volume, A Study Course in Christian Evidences. Several years ago (not long after the Study Course was released), I prepared a 13-lesson video lecture series to accompany the book chapter by chapter. The book/video combination quickly became our most popular product. ROCK-SOLID FAITH: HOW TO BUILD IT VIDEO

In my “Note from the Editor” this month, I am happy to announce the availability of our brand new 13-lesson video lecture series, Rock-Solid Faith: How to Build It, which follows chapter by chapter our book by that same title (exactly as our earlier videos did with the Study Course book). In early June, I spent a week at the studios of World Video Bible School (WVBS) near Austin, Texas, filming the 13-lesson video lecture series. It now is available for purchase from our offices.

Each lecture in the series is approximately 38 minutes long, so that the presentations may be used in Bible school classroom settings (which, from reports we have received through the years regarding the Study Course video series, is one of the most popular venues for viewing the lectures). Since each video lecture uses almost a complete 45-minute class session, many Bible class teachers choose to show the video lesson to the students one week, and then follow that lesson the next week with a study of the written material from the book. This works quite well, especially in light of the fact that there simply is no way to cover in the 38-minute videos every single aspect examined in each chapter of the book. The video lectures are in-depth presentations (as opposed to being just a cursory treatment), but, admittedly, the material in the book is much more extensive (and contains additional reference material and documentation that was inappropriate for inclusion in oral presentations).

I think you will be very pleased with both the content and the quality of the new video series. While you, as the viewer, will have to judge the content, I certainly can attest to the quality. Each tape in the series is top-notch, due the fact that the good folks at WVBS not only have the latest in high-tech video equipment (including state-of-the-art character generation computers), but also are consummate professionals as well (with a touch of perfectionism thrown in for good measure).

There are five tapes in the lecture series. They come in sturdy, protective plastic cases with full-color covers that match the front cover of the Rock-Solid Faith book they are intended to accompany. The tapes are sold only in sets, which sell for $85 ($5 s/h). The books are $10 each ($1.50 s/h for first copy; 50¢ s/h for each additional copy, with a 15% discount offered only on the book when you order 10 or more copies). Volume two of the new Rock-Solid Faith trilogy (How to Sustain It) is being typeset now, and is due to be released later this year. Each book in the trilogy will have its own companion video series. If you would like to order the videos or the book by credit card (or via invoicing to a church), call us toll free at 800/234-8558. Your satisfaction—as with each of our products and services—always is 100% guaranteed. — Bert Thompson

[PS: While I am on the subject, I would like to recommend to you the non-profit work of World Video Bible School. WVBS produces professionally prepared videos on every book of the Bible, and a host of related subjects (counseling, etc.). The instructors are sound, well-qualified Christians. Call WVBS for their new catalog (512/398-5211), or write them at: 130 Lantana Lane, Maxwell, Texas, 78656-9797. You’ll be glad you did!]

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