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Announcing: The Mythology of Modern Dating Methods
by Bert Thompson, Ph.D.

Picture of Mary Ruth ThompsonFor many Bible believers—young and old alike—one of the most puzzling and problematic topics in the Bible/science arena is the claim by evolutionary scientists that they have “proved” the Earth to be 4.6 billion years old. From cradle to grave, we are exposed to “authoritative” claims, the purpose of which is to reinforce in our minds this so-called “fact” of science. And, to make matters worse, evolutionary scientists delight in presenting a litany of methods (such as radiometric dating, to choose just one example) that, they say, documents beyond reasonable doubt the truthfulness of their conclusions. What is the humble Bible believer to think when accosted by these evolutionary scientists and their “absolute” dating methods?

The fact of the matter is, if most people knew the real truth about how these dating methods actually work, the faulty assumptions upon which they are based, and the numerous inconsistencies they produce, they would be insulted at the evolutionists’ brazen suggestion that they, and their dates, should be taken seriously.

Well, now “most people” can know the real truth about the dating methods that evolutionists employ to brow-beat people into believing in an ancient Earth. Creationist geologist John Woodmorappe has produced a marvelous volume that explains, and exposes, The Mythology of Modern Dating Methods (which, not coincidentally, happens to be the title of his new book). Published in 1999, and containing 11 chapters, this tome is a veritable gold mine of information on how the currently popular evolutionary dating methods work, their built-in limitations, and the frequent discrepant/discordant dates they produce.

Woodmorappe is a careful, serious scholar of the first class. His previous works [e.g., his 206-page, 1993 book, Studies in Flood Geology, and his 307-page, 1996 volume, Noah’s Ark: A Feasibility Study (the latter of which we carry in our catalog)] are textbook examples of how to write an eminently scholarly, completely comprehensive, yet thoroughly understandable discussion of whatever topic happens to be under examination. With chapter titles in his latest new book such as “Bogus Arguments for the Overall Validity of Dating Methods” “Malfunctioning Watches,” and “Reliability Criteria,” the reader can judge for himself (or herself) the conclusions to which Woodmorappe has been forced by the data under consideration.

And to answer the question that probably is on your mind as you read this—yes, the book does contain some technical material that will appeal to readers who possess an “above average” interest in this subject. However, it also presents easy-to-understand information that is applicable to, and usable by, the “person on the street.” [This would be true especially of high school and college students who routinely are exposed to the diatribes of their evolutionist teachers and professors regarding how science has “proved” the Earth to be billions of years old.]

The book retails at $12.95, but we are offering it for $10.95. And while you are ordering, why not purchase a copy of our 1999 book, The Bible and the Age of the Earth, as a companion volume ($4.95; $1.50 s/h for one book, $2.25 for both). Together, the two books present stunning facts from both science and the Bible about the real age of the Earth.

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