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Apologetics Press :: Reason & Revelation
February 2001 - 21[2]:16

Announcing: Creation Compromises—The Second Edition
by Bert Thompson, Ph.D.

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It was six years ago, in 1995, that we released what at that time was the largest and most comprehensive volume that we had published to date—my 303-page book, Creation Compromises. Within its 13 chapters were included discussions on the alleged factuality of organic evolution, the literal/historical nature of the Genesis account of Creation, the Day-Age Theory, The Gap Theory, miscellaneous compromises of the Creation account, etc. The book soon became one of our best sellers, and was recommended frequently by fellow creationists around the world. During the more than five years that it remained in print, it enjoyed a wide distribution, even being used as the principle text in college-level classes at various universities both here and abroad.

Toward the middle of 2000, however, our supplies of the book began to dwindle to critical levels. As I considered whether to merely reprint the book or to rewrite it instead, it became apparent that I really did not have much of a choice in the matter. So much new research had occurred, and so much new information had become available during those five years, that a second edition became practically a foregone conclusion. I felt that dedicated fans of the old volume, as well as potential first-time readers of the new edition, would appreciate a thorough revision/update of the book that included in-depth discussions of both the events and the research from the last half a decade of progress in this area.

Old and New Creation Compromises EditionsAccordingly, I spent many long hours over several months revising and completely rewriting the book. It is now my pleasure to be able to announce its availability. I believe when you examine the new volume, you will realize just how “thorough” this “revision/update” really is! For example, the old book was 303 pages long; the new one is 430! Included in those 430 pages is totally new information covering a veritable plethora of topics not even mentioned in the old text. There is scientific information relating to the ages of the patriarchs, and a discussion of the maximum amount of time that Adam and Eve could have spent in the Garden of Eden. There is a comprehensive section on the Bible and the age of the Earth that includes a brand new discussion of some of the intriguing “problem areas” in biblical chronology, including the genealogies of Scripture. Also included is an examination of the false idea that God’s Sabbath rest still is continuing until the present, as well as an investigation into whether or not animals and plants could have died on Earth prior to Man’s Fall.

The book, which contains painstaking research and documentation (including in-depth bibliographic information on all sources referred to or quoted), also includes extensive Scripture, subject, and name indexes—which are invaluable aids to serious researchers or students. Plus, the book’s spine is sewn, not merely glued, for years of useful and practical service.

Cost for the new 430-page second edition of Creation Compromises is only $12 ($2 s/h). As an “Editor’s Note” special, until May 31, 2001 we will offer a 15% discount on orders of 10 or more copies shipped to one address. This volume would serve as a thoughtful gift for a friend, or make a valuable addition to a personal or church library. It is not written in a demeaning ridiculing, or strident manner. Instead, its tone is calm and its logic is impeccable as it goes about presenting the truth on Creation in a positive yet uncompromising fashion. Order yours today. Call 800/234-8558 for credit card orders.

Copyright © 2001 Apologetics Press, Inc. All rights reserved.

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