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Apologetics Press

In January 1981, Apologetics Press released the first issue of its new publication on Christian evidences, Reason & Revelation. Since that time, the journal has been published without interruption on a regular, monthly basis. The result is a repository of articles spanning more than two decades, and representing the fruit of years of intense research on a wide variety of topics. With the introduction of our Article Reprint Series, much of that research now is being made available in a more permanent format.

Article Reprints have been typeset to fit on a single 8½x11-inch sheet of paper (some of which are printed on both sides). We have placed them in an Adobe Acrobat PDF format for inclusion on our Web site so they may be reprinted exactly as they would appear if purchased through our catalog. Their attractive, two-color format makes them perfect for classroom situations, as handouts for entire congregations, or for use in attempting to reach someone with the Gospel message. Their convenient, single-page format also makes them perfect for filing away for future use (something serious Bible students will appreciate).

You must have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® software in order to view these files. If you do not have a browser with this plug-in, you may obtain a free version from the Adobe® Web site. Click here to download the Reader®.

Apologetics Press Reprints ( Click to view )

These reprints cover subjects in which our readers have expressed a repeated, more-than-casual interest. Some of the topics discussed include: the Bible and the age of the Earth; scientific humanism; how to respond to a child's question, “Where did God come from?”; dinosaurs and the Bible; the accuracy of biblical genealogies; situation ethics; answers to atheistic arguments against the Bible; alleged biblical contradictions; Noah's Flood; scientific foreknowledge of the Bible; alleged proofs of evolution; and many others. Reprints in this section (most of which have been printed in various Apologetics Press publications through the years) represent materials that have been authored solely by Apologetics Press staff members.

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