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Apologetics Press :: Article Reprints

These reprints cover subjects in which our readers have expressed a repeated, more-than-casual interest. Some of the topics discussed include: the Bible and the age of the Earth; scientific humanism; how to respond to a child’s question, “Where did God come from?”; dinosaurs and the Bible; the accuracy of biblical genealogies; situation ethics; answers to atheistic arguments against the Bible; alleged biblical contradictions; Noah's Flood; scientific foreknowledge of the Bible; alleged proofs of evolution; and many others. Reprints in this section (most of which have been printed in various Apologetics Press publications through the years) represent materials that have been authored solely by Apologetics Press staff members.

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A View of Creation Ashby L. Camp
Origin of Human Blood Types Brad Harrub
The Demise of “Mitochondrial Eve” Brad Harrub and Bert Thompson
Human and Chimpanzee DNA—Proof of Evolution? Brad Harrub and Bert Thompson
The Truth About “Lucy” Brad Harrub and Bert Thompson
The Anthropic Principle Wayne Jackson
The Antiquity of Human History Wayne Jackson
The Bible Always Passes the Test Wayne Jackson
Bible Contradictions—Are They Real? Wayne Jackson
Biblical Genealogies and Human History Wayne Jackson
The Blind Book Writer Wayne Jackson
Demon Possession, the Bible, and Superstition Wayne Jackson
Did Moses Make a Scientific Mistake? Wayne Jackson
Do not Sin Against the Children Wayne Jackson
Does God “Create” Evil? Wayne Jackson
Does God Endorse Lying? Wayne Jackson
Elisha and the Lads of Bethel Wayne Jackson
Evolution and Creation—Are They Compatible? Wayne Jackson
Evolution—A False Argument Answered Wayne Jackson
The Formation of Coal—Two Views Considered Wayne Jackson
Frauds in Science Wayne Jackson
The Gap Theory Wayne Jackson
The Geologic Timetable Wayne Jackson
The Heavens Declare God’s Glory Wayne Jackson
The Holy Scriptures—Verbally Inspired Wayne Jackson

Displaying items 1-25 of 91
Sort by: Title | Author
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Displaying 25 | 50 | 100 items

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