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For more than twenty years Apologetics Press has published and disseminated materials for self study, group study, or evangelistic purposes. Topics range from evidences supporting the Christian Faith to highly controversial areas that challenge that Faith. Each year we prepare a catalog of our own publications and other materials.


Reason & Revelation

Since 1981, Apologetics Press has published a monthly journal on Christian evidences. Dr. Dave Miller serves as the editor. Reason & Revelation is the main teaching medium of Apologetics Press. In its pages appear articles on such topics as God’s existence, the inspiration of the Bible, the creation/evolution controversy, the deity of Christ, ethics, etc. Typically, each issue includes a feature article and one or two shorter articles. The subject matter deals with current issues and draws on the most recent sources whenever possible.

Subscriptions are available on an annual basis, but may be back-dated to January of the current year (complete with back issues) if so desired. Bound volumes include an entire year’s worth of issues presented with an attractive, sturdy cover and comb binding. Bound volumes are available for several past years. See our WebStore for an up-to-date list.


Since January 1990, Apologetics Press has published Discovery, a monthly paper on Scripture and science for kids. Articles are aimed primarily at children in the 4th through 6th grades, although many different age groups enjoy Discovery. Kyle Butt serves as editor; Eric Lyons serves as associate editor.

Each eight-page issue carries lessons from the Bible and nature. Biblical articles teach children about God’s Word and His will for them. Articles about plants, animals, and natural phenomena are intended to build faith in the Creator. Past issues have covered a wide range of topics such as the design of trees, Egypt and the Bible, the meaning of covenants, the Flood of Noah, the difference between the Old and New Testaments, and the importance of apologetics. Our friendly mole and sleuth, “Digger Doug,” provides answers to kids’ questions. Puzzles, word searches, and other exercises reinforce the lessons.

Discovery is bursting with colorful pictures, illustrations, and activities. Professionals design and print the publication so that we can maintain the highest possible production standards from start to finish. Bound volumes containing the preceding year’s twelve issues are prepared each January, and also are available for several past years. Visit our WebStore for a current listing.

Other Materials


Apologetics Press publishes several high-quality, inexpensively priced books and booklets, including:

  • AP Reader Series: Early Reader
    • God Made Animals
    • God Made Dinosaurs
    • God Made Fish
    • God Made Insects
    • God Made Plants
    • God Made the World
  • AP Reader Series: Learn to Read
    • Bats, Cats, and Rats
    • Birds, Bugs, and Bees
    • Dogs, Frogs, and Hogs
    • Ducks, Bucks, and Woodchucks
    • Fish, Flies and Fleas
    • Goose, Moose, and Mongoose
  • The Anvil Rings, vol. 1
  • The Anvil Rings, vol. 2
  • The Apologetics Press Dinosaur Coloring Book
  • The Apologetics Press Dinosaur Coloring Book in Spanish
  • Behold! The Lamb of God
  • Creation Compromises
  • Dinosaurs Unleashed
  • How do You Know the Bible is from God?
  • A Matter of Fact
  • Out With Doubt
  • A Patient Man from Uz
  • The Quran Unveiled
  • Rock-Solid Faith: How to Build It
  • Rock-Solid Faith: How to Sustain It
  • Sexual Anarchy
  • Seth and Sara Ask...
  • The Son Who Ran Away
  • Surveying the Evidence
  • Does God Love Michael's Two Daddies?
  • The Truth About Human Origins
  • Truth be Told: Exposing the Myth of Evolution
  • Scripture and Science Series
    • The Bible and the Age of the Earth
    • The Case for the Existence of God
    • The Christian and Medical Ethics
    • In Defense of the Bible’s Inspiration
    • The Global Flood of Noah
    • The Many Faces, and Causes, of Unbelief
    • The Scientific Case for Creation

Please see our WebStore for a complete description of each of these titles, and others.


We have an extensive listing of tracts on Christian apologetics and Christian evidences, as well as general Bible topics. These can be placed in tract racks at church buildings, used in community outreach programs, or employed as handouts in Bible classes. Several titles are available in the Russian language for use in mission areas within the former Soviet republics. Tracts may be ordered individually, by hundreds, or by thousands (volume discounts apply). A sample pack containing one of each tract is available for purchase.

Research Article Series

The Apologetics Press Research Article Series includes fully documented discussions on special topics dealing with apologetics and evidences. Research Articles cover current issues on the creation/evolution controversy, the resurrection of Christ, alleged Bible contradictions, medical ethics, God’s existence, and many others. All Research Articles are available on our Web site free of charge. [Most Research Articles are available on this Web site in a PDF format and may be downloaded and printed.]

Audio Tapes

Apologetics Press offers an extensive collection of audio tapes on almost every topic covered in our written materials. In addition, since 1989 we have produced Reason & Revelation on audio tape. Although these tapes are designed chiefly for the visually impaired, they also may be used in class situations, while driving, or for evangelistic purposes.


Apologetics Press also has produced several DVD videos, Digger Doug's Underground (Episodes 1 and 2), Digger Doug's Underground (Episodes 3 and 4), Digger Doug's Underground (Episodes 5 and 6), Out With Doubt, Quran & New Testament Christianity: a Seminar on Islam, Silencing of God Seminar, Truth Be Told.

Article Reprint Series

Finally, our Article Reprint Series provides easy access to information on frequently requested topics, as well as oft’-asked questions. Reprints are published in an attractive, two-color format on one or two sides of an 8½ ×11" sheet, and are inexpensive enough to use as class handouts, etc. Volume discounts apply, and a sample pack is available. [Most Article Reprints are available on this Web site in a PDF format and may be downloaded and printed.]

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